Month: March 2023

letter to world consulates general for awareness of human rights

A letter to the world Consulates General for raising voice for Human Rights Violations: Kashmir, Palestine

Dear Consulate General, I am writing to you today to raise my voice against the ongoing human rights violations that are taking place in Kashmir and Palestine. As a concerned citizen, I feel that it is important to bring this issue to your attention and to urge you to takeRead More

Kashmir conflict Resolution

Content uploaded by¬†Abrar Ahmed, Author content Content may be subject to copyright. Running Head: KASHMIR CONFLICT RESOLUTION The Institute of Conflict Resolution and Social Development Abrar Ahmed, Professor Muhammad Rizwan, Raja Imtiyaz Ahmed, Wahaid Ahmed, Tariq Gulzar, Shamazia Iqbal, Raja Ejaz Ahmed Shaique It’s worth noting that the Kashmir conflictRead More

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